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Blog Carnival

This week, we are hosting the Yakezie blog carnival. Here are some great blogs and articles for you to check out. Vanessa @ Vanessa’s Money writes How much does it cost to look fake? – Ever wonder how much women spend to look “good”? I did the math Michael @ Financial Ramblings writes Identity Theft: … Continue reading

22 Month Old Girl Rock Climbing

I found this clip on YouTube via NeatoBambino. While I admire the girl’s talent and bravery for climbing up, I question her safety. There is no spotter by her side in case she falls and she’s climbed pretty high for her height. What are you thoughts? Is it okay for the parents to encourage her … Continue reading

Parenting and Money Moved!

You may be wondering why you haven’t seen any posts in your inbox from Parenting and Money. I moved the site from to a self hosted site. Doing this allows more flexibility to the site. The address is still the same- I hope you visit the new site and re-subscribe. Happy Sunday. I … Continue reading

Why I Love Apple and The iPad

When iPad first came out, people at my work buzzed with excitement. People were shelling out $700+ for the 64GB models. I did not get it. Folks started showing up to meetings with their iPads instead of the good old yellow notepad to take notes. For Christmas that year, my husband bought me an iPad. … Continue reading

Would You Dishinherit Your Kids?

Australia’s richest person, billionaire Mom Gina Rinehart, is in a legal battle to strip her three children off their inheritance. She claims that none of them, either individually or collectively has the “knowledge, experience, judgment or responsible work ethic to administer a trust.” See more of the story at The Australian. In the book The … Continue reading

Creating SMART Goals

Annie Dillard wrote, “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” As I venture into a new decade in my life, I reflect over the past one. Although filled with progressive and happy experiences, I realize that I missed out on opportunities to execute some business ventures and ideas I … Continue reading

Weekly Blog Roundup

Here are my favorite reads for the week: So Over Debt – How To Build A Work Wardrobe When You’re Broke The Money Principle – Five differences between women and men and their effects on our relationship with money Life And My Finances- How To Prepare For A Job Interview Jay Catalano – A little … Continue reading

How To Payoff Debts And Live Debt Free

The U.S. National Debt is increasing at a staggering rate. The average American family debt is fairing no better. The above image is the global debt according to The Economist as of March 10, 2012. If you want to eliminate debt, you have to have a plan and take action. Critical to the plan is … Continue reading

How To Save Money Without a Budget

I am not very good at keeping a budget. I can’t keep track of how much we spend on each category and ensure we don’t go over the allocated amount on a monthly basis. It’s too many things to track individually. It’s also time consuming. Instead, I devised a different strategy for our family. If … Continue reading

Parenting and Money

My husband and I have been working our way to financial freedom. Our primary goal is to be able to retire early and live comfortably. In our 20’s, we were saddled with students loans and credit card debts. Through changes in our mindset over money and living within our means, we eliminated our debts within … Continue reading

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