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How To Save Money On Baby Diapers

Here’s a tip on how to save money on diapers and other baby necessities. Sign up for Amazon Mom Subscribe & Save program. With the membership, you receive up to 20% discount. You also receive three free months of Amazon Prime membership. Amazon Prime provides free 2-day shipping on eligible products, free movie streaming, ability to borrow one book on Kindle per month and other benefits. Amazon does not charge tax on purchases and they deliver to your door.

Since I was on bed rest six months into my pregnancy, I couldn’t go out to shop to prepare the nursery and to buy baby essentials. I did all my shopping online at Amazon. I was able to buy all the baby products we needed from diaper wipes to big items like the crib. I buy from Amazon regularly and I recommend them for other products as well.

For the diapers, I do comparison shopping with other retailers including Costco regularly. I always find the diaper prices in the Amazon Mom cheaper. Here’s an example:

Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers, Size 4

Amazon Mom Subscribe & Save
140 Count Pack: $32.54 ($0.22 per count)

200 Count pack: $54.11 with tax ($0.27 per count)

With the Amazon Subscribe & Save program, you can schedule items to be shipped to you regularly. This is useful since you are going to be drowning in diapers and wipes for the next couple of years (not literally of course). You designate the quantity and frequency of the order and they are automatically shipped to you. They also send you a reminder a week ahead. This helps in case you don’t need the next delivery so you can cancel or tweak your frequency needs.

This service is very convenient. You won’t have to worry about running low on diapers or ever have the need to run to the store. They also have common necessities on subscription. In addition to diapers and wipes, we also have the toothbrush refills and water filter for our refrigerator. It helps to remind us that these items need to be changed.

Another great thing about Amazon are the product reviews. I like to review products before I buy them. Amazon is invaluable in this aspect. I can get the pros and cons on certain products based on customer feedbacks. I also learned a lot about what chemicals and materials are harmful in baby products so I was able to make wise decisions on purchases.

Do you have other ways to save on diapers and other baby products? Please share by leaving a comment.



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