Fun things happened on the way to parenthood. Well, not really.


Early in our marriage, we didn’t want kids. The world’s overpopulated. Parenthood is overrated. We want our freedom. We don’t have money. Giving birth is scary. I had lot’s of excuses, but one day I saw my newborn nephew and thought, I can do it. It took four years later, but we finally got the recipe right. We were pregnant! Well, just me actually. Biology prevented my husband from carrying the child.

During my first trimester, I had inexplicable allergy reaction to something. I had eczema from head to toe. I was miserable. I missed work for two weeks because I couldn’t function. I looked like I had leprosy. The doctors couldn’t figure out the cause.

At six months, my son was eager to meet the world. Who can blame him? He’s about to meet the coolest parents ever. But he still needed more time to cook in the oven so I was put on bed rest. Now, I can be lazy. There are many Monday mornings I wish I could just lay in bed all day. Turns out, it’s not fun if you have to.

I was able to work from home so that kept me occupied. However, I was contained in the house and could not walk about. I started looking forward to seeing the mailman. Yes, it became that pathetic.

A DIY kitchen remodel had to be finished. This was started before my bed rest. Our kitchen was stuck in the 50’s. It needed some serious updating. I refused to bring up my son in it. It was lots of work and added stress. All I could do was watch. Luckily, my awesome family helped and my husband was such a trooper throughout. Well, mostly.

I had a glimpse of me in my senior years. At 3rd trimester, I started experiencing arthritic pains. My joints were quite painful and I couldn’t sleep because of it. It didn’t go away until I gave birth.

My son was born two weeks early. He was supposed to be due on our wedding anniversary. It would have been great if he was, but the kid just couldn’t wait. I mean, we could have gotten free desserts at restaurants when we dined out. They could sing us two songs- one for him and one for us. Oh the possibilities.

Labor and delivery was easy. Thank you epidural! However, A didn’t breath immediately which sent a bit of panic in the room. Then complications immediately arose for me. Everything was a whirl. The delivery room buzzed with activity but I survived. Recovery was slow and painful. I couldn’t move about for another two months.

Then there was breastfeeding. Who knew it was going to be so difficult? I read beforehand that it is a challenge, but man you never really know until you experience it firsthand. It was by far the most difficult out of everything I went through.

Despite all of these, I will gladly do it over again. Maybe I have pain amnesia or maybe I’m blinded by this awesome kid, but one thing I know for certain- it is all worth it and more. Parenthood is awesome!


One thought on “Fun things happened on the way to parenthood. Well, not really.

  1. Indeed it is.

    Posted by Tina | March 5, 2012, 9:42 am

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