How To Save Money on Monthly Bills


Last month, we implemented some cost cutting measures to save money. I’m looking forward to seeing the next month’s bills to see how much savings we made overall. If you want ideas on how to save money, here are the items we cut back on:

1. Cancelled cable TV – it was costing us $50 a month. Time Warner was also about to raise the rates in my area so our monthly savings is slightly more. There are plenty of options these days to watch shows on the Internet so cable was an unnecessary expense. We don’t miss it at all.

2. Asked for a discount on Internet service – when I called Time Warner, I asked the rep how else I can save money. I was told that there was a promo for our current Internet connection. Existing customers can also get the discount. The promo is valid for six months. The rep told me to call back in six months and ask again. We can keep on repeating this each time they have a promo. This saves us $10/month.

3. Stopped eating out – for the most part we stopped dining out. This was a big part of our monthly expense. We cut back by 90% so I am curious how this reflects in our monthly expenses.

4. Received 10% discount on cell phone bill – my husband’s work gets a discount with AT&T wireless for their employees. The bill is under my name but we still received the discount. Check with your work if they have a discount with your cellular provider.

Here are other ideas to save money:

If you have a cell phone for work and also carry a personal phone, ask your work if they can route your calls to your personal line instead and receive reimbursement for the rate they pay for your work cell. This doesn’t cost your company extra and eliminates the need to carry multiple phones.

The same can be done for Internet. If you need Internet access from home to do work, you can ask to have your work pay for the Internet.

Cable companies will allow you to receive free premium channels for three months or more. Just give them a call and tell them that you want to try the channel. One time, we received Showtime for a year simply for asking.

When calling your service provider, it helps to be nice to the representative. They can help you save money by offering discounts you don’t know otherwise or by waiving fees for certain services.

Do you have other tips to share?



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