Citrus Trees From Our Garden

I love Southern California weather. Most of the year can be spent outdoors. I also love the fact that I can grow citrus trees. Our garden has a variety of citrus plants that are handy year round. It’s convenient and helps save money. Family and friends love to pick fruits the trees. It’s organic and free!

Flowers from the orange tree are sprouting out for the spring. This tree is perfectly situated next to the bbq grill. It provides shade and sweet fragrance when we dine outdoors.


This is another orange tree from the garden. It still has a lots of fruits.


The lime tree has green fruits and turns light yellow as it ripens. You need to roll the fruit with your palm against a solid surface before cutting to make it easy to squeeze.


The lemon tree produces more fruit than we can consume. Most of the fruits ripen in the tree. One of my goals is to learn how to preserve it.




2 thoughts on “Citrus Trees From Our Garden

  1. I have a lemon tree in our garden in a large pot and would love if you could share some information on the feed that you give the tree. Last year I got a few lemons as lots of the buds dropped off. Hopefully this year I will manage to hold onto more of the buds/flowers.

    Posted by foodandtools | February 24, 2012, 9:05 pm

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