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Why I Love Co-sleeping

We knew early on that the crib will reside in our bedroom but having our son co-sleep in our bed was somewhat accidental. We didn’t plan it. It became a habit around 8-10 months as it was easier to nurse him. Prior to that, he slept in his crib. When he started sleeping with us, I got very little sleep as I was initially paranoid that we would roll over him. We also slept without the blanket for extra precaution. He no longer nurses but both hubby and I still prefer to have him sleep next to us. This sleeping arrangement makes for a “fun” night. At times I wake up with little feet on my face. Other nights, I get lucky and he’s face is snuggled next to mine and my husband gets the toes up on his nose.

Our pediatrician frowned on us at our 12-month visit upon learning that we co-sleep. She’s a fan of the Ferber method. She tried to scare us about our son not being able to join sleepovers when he is six years old. Uh, he’s not sleeping over anyone’s house at six. Needless to say, that didn’t deter us.

My husband and I did weigh the pros and cons to co-sleeping. The primary con being that he might become too attached and used to sleeping with us. At this point, he prefers our bed over his crib. We do want to raise him as an independent individual. At the same time, I co-slept with my parents until I was 6 years old and had no problem transitioning to my own room. I was very excited when that time came and grew up very independent minded.

I’m not sure exactly when we will transition A out. Maybe when he turns two. Childhood is such a short period and we want to spend as much time with him. My son likes to cuddle next to us as he falls asleep. I love waking up to a smiley face in the morning and getting kisses. Such are the rewards of motherhood. I treasure these moments and wish I have the power to stop time at will.



3 thoughts on “Why I Love Co-sleeping

  1. I co-slept with both of my children and they turned out so well-adjusted and are super loving human beings. They (both) eventually began to express their independence (around age 4-5) and started wanting to sleep in their own beds, so just because they slept with me a lot, didn’t mean they wanted to do it forever. I just allowed them to do it in their own time. They’ve also both grown up to be very responsible and independet children. So, enjoy what you’re doing and let that little one wake up in love and smiles as long as he can 🙂

    Posted by jorenafaulkner | February 25, 2012, 6:16 pm
  2. I never heard the term co-sleeping before. Our children (5&7) still sometimes crawl into our beds on occasion. I love them and the fact that they do it only occasionally makes me love them more. On any regular basis would be too much. a good night of sleep is so important for all of us.

    Posted by memyselfandkids | February 23, 2012, 1:33 pm
    • I raised eight children, all of them were breast feed and all slept with me and my husband on our bed, Not only was it easier fior me to fed them when they cried in the middle of night, and find out if they need a diaper change, but most important was the bond between me and my children. I did not let them cry alone until they get tired and sleep on there own. I always picked them up, hold them close to my heart and cuddle them to sleep, yet they didn’t grew up to be spoiled

      When I think back of how those years have gone by so fast, I am thankful for those long sleepless night, rocking my babies to sleep. Yes, I was tired, but now I am left with the awesome memories of how sweet it was to have them in my arms.

      Now, they are Mothers themselves and I am blessed with fourteen grandchildren and five great grandchildren.

      Posted by tina | February 26, 2012, 5:32 am

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