5 Lessons, Parenting

5 Lessons From a 17-month Old

Parenthood has its perks. You can gain wisdom from what would appear as an unlikely source. Some of these things we already know as adults, but sometimes it takes a little kid to remind us.

1. Be assertive– if you need something, ask for it. The little guy doesn’t let something like a lack of vocabulary stop him from asserting his needs. Want milk? Before he could say “milk”, the kid will point to the refrigerator, grunt or sign when he is thirsty. Heck, he even screams but I don’t recommend that route. It’s only cute when you’re a baby and only to your parents.

2. Don’t sweat the small things– my Dad gave me a bad haircut, so what? I’m still adorable. Ok, ok, he probably doesn’t know but it’s a lesson of perception. You can’t change certain events or other people but you have full control of your emotions.

3. Peek-a-boo games are awesome! There’s no analogy here. Just do it.

4. Remember people’s names– family members get a kick when my son remembers who they are. People like it when you remember their names. They know you care about them as a person when you acknowledge them by their name. It makes them happy. They will also make an effort to know or remember yours.

5. Smile often– you look your best when you are smiling. It will always be reciprocated and it brightens the room!


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